Thursday, June 10, 2010

Veritas Press History and Bible Cards

I got this fantastic idea from another Mom who does Classical Conversations and I just LOVE IT! Instead of laminating and cutting ALL those cards, (a task I was dreading) I purchased these neat little binders and protective covers for them. Depending on how you want to factor the cost of laminating, time for cutting, etc. I think the price was fairly comparable.They are easy to put together, easy to store, easy to pull out when needed! You can flip through it like a photo album or pull out just the ones you want to focus on.

Each mini-binders comfortably hold about 80 each, so I have four binders total for BOTH the history and Bible sets altogether. The spine also has a plastic insert section for you to label the binder, along with a circle shaped "finger" slot that makes them easy to pull off a shelf!

I purchased the 5.5 x 8.5 sheet protectors and the same size mini-binders from this place - Keep Filing ( I'm sure you can probably get them elsewhere, but at the time of research, this was the least expensive place and the ones I liked best!

As far as the cards themselves. . .they are a great resource for homeschooling families. Plus I think the visual aspect of being able to lay them out when showing the timeline of things is very helpful to children (and adults, lol!). The cards all have a short bit of information on the back and then lists several other resources to refer to for more in-depth learning on that event, person or subject. Plus each individual Veritas Cards packet also comes with a sheet that list those resources which will give you more information on a particular story, person, or event, and even tells you how many times a particular resource is referred to, as well as its priority as it relates to the set. Some resources are used only once in a single series, some as much as more than twenty. This allows you to *buy* only the most important ones and borrow/skip the others as it fits your needs so that you can make the most of these cards!


Monica said...

Oh! I wish I had seen this before I laminated mine. This is adorable. Great job!


Trisha said...

I've been pondering buying these for awhile, Tina. Did you purchase the entire set? Do you use them regularly? Great idea for storing them. :)

*~ Tina ~* said...

Thank you Monica!

I'm glad you stopped by to visit and I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment!

Fwiw, laminated cards work just fine too :)

*~ Tina ~* said...

Hey Trisha! I purchased both the complete History and Bible sets. (Some of the cards duplicate between the two sets, which of course, is how it should be since history and Bible are intertwined!) I think each they were around $19.95 a pack, I don't remember the total altogether, but you can get them from Rainbow Resource. I know a lot of people just get the history sets, but we like to incorporate the Bible ones with our studies too.

We do use them fairly regularly and I'm fortunate to have many of the books listed on them so that we can expand upon the card. The card by itself would be somewhwat limited without some additional knowledge to go with it.

Blah said...

They look great! Thank you for sharing!

I currently stand undecided. To laminate or not to laminate... to use sheet protectors and binders or not... those are the questions. ;o)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great idea...I just ordered the binders and the inserts!

Anonymous said...

I am not too happy about ordering on-line but I did manage to order binders and pages from Keepfiling. Each binder got a different finger ring color and from that I organized it for each theme as History or Bible. The cards are now very easy to work with and it looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you share how you Categorized your cards. (History and bible) Did you include the bible with the history or did you put them in separate binders?

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