Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good, Bad, and Life In-Between

Well, in the order of occurance. . .first the good! My dh and I just celebrated 14 years of married life together! I get such a kick thinking about it. I remember the day we met him like it was yesterday. My sister and I were waiting for her "date" and "his friend" to arrive - we were all going out together. Not really a date, just a night out. Who knew? lol! Anywho, we eagerly watched for their arrival so we could decide whether or not to "be home" - hee, hee! My first memory is that he had on an atrocious tye-dye shirt, and in all my years of wisdom the best I could say was "he's cute, but that's an ugly shirt!" Long story short, we were engaged a month later and married 5 months after the day we met. Romantic or insane? I think a bit of both. . .and then there's life in-between.

Now the bad. My dd had a seizure again on Nov. 19th, actually a series of them. Her head had been hurting that morning so she was taking it easy. She layed in my bed and I sat reading her a story about "Ida B.". I had only just started reading when I realized she wasn't laughing at a funny part. I no sooner looked over and vomit spewed up. She was seizing. The whole experience was too unsettling to relive for this entry, but she was admitted to the hosptial and experience a few more seizures throughout the day. They refer to this as "cluster seizures". Once in a room that night, she had a brief episode and then went into a non-stop seizure. The gave her medicine to stop it and she was out for the night. We remained there a couple days and are now home with a new medication plan. Trusting God for her care and grateful she is well. She doesn't remember anything when she comes too, so we keep the explanation and details simple.

So there's good, bad, and then there's life in-between!
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