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This is my "in progress" homeschool resource page for "where to buy or find stuff". I will be continually adding to my list those who offer curriculum and related resources for homeschoolers. Hopefully it will be of help to others, particularly for anyone new to homeschooling who has no idea where to start with looking! Visit the linked website for more information or call to request a catalog! (most companies listed do offer these, but some of the smaller, independent, or newer retailers may not)

Homeschool Resources  ~

Rainbow Resource 1-888-841-3456

Sonlight Curriculum 1-303-730-6292

Veritas Press 1-800-922-5082

Christian Book Distributors 1-800-CHRISTIAN

All About Spelling  1-715-477-1976

My Father's World 1-573-426-4600

Well-Trained Mind/PeaceHill Press  1-877-322-3445

Evan-Moor 1-800-777-4362 (the catalog is good to have, but the resources can be found for less!)

Memoria Press 1-877-862-1097

Apologia Press  1-888-524-4724

Home Science Tools 1-800-860-6272

Christian Light Education 1-800-776-0478

Christian Liberty Press 1-847-259-4444 (press 6)

Solid Rock-Educators' Books & Supplies 1-877-229-2006

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) 1-800-856-5815

Logos Press 1-866-562-2174

Special Needs / Intervention Resources ~

Linguisystems 1-800-776-4332

EPS Books (aka School Specialty Intervention) 1-800-225-5750

Super Duper Publications 1-800-277-8737

Primary Concepts 1-800-660-8646

Sopris West 1-800-547-6747 (most resources geared and priced for school setting, but some can be adapted for home)

Barton Reading & Spelling 1-408-559-3652

Wilson Reading System  1-800-899-8454

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