Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Morning Board

I really like to do something to start our day off "together"...so this year we are using what I call "our morning board". This is not a memory board necessarily, although I do hope they will remember what we cover together, it's not my goal for this. I wanted this board to be one of exposure - exposure to ideas, people, places, events, etc.

For this project I used:
Large tri-fold foam board
photo/paper sleeves of various sizes
Scotch Double Stick Tape (3-Pk)

We use the CC Science Cards, English From the Roots Up Cards, Veritas History & Bible Cards, Masterpiece Art Cards, Abeka Geography Cards, Story of America Cards, and other ones I created for scripture, history, misc. (Oh, and the character trait cards I got somewhere online, but I can't remember where - if you know send me a link to share please!)

The only issue I had was not wanting to pull some of the two-sided cards out each day, so I make copies of the backside for reference and keep them in a binder to refer to each morning.

Below is our adaptation of the CM Motto that we start the day with! I am, I can, I ought, I will. 

Questions or suggestions, let me know!


Shonya said...

Welcome back to blogland! :) This is a wonderful, FANTASTIC idea. Alas, I am already into the year and don't have the energy to totally copy you. . .maybe next year. ;)

Kim said...

Just "stumbled" upon this and had to pin it. Good idea! I might work this into our schedule this next school year. Thanks for sharing.

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