Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here I Am!

I went for an early ultrasound last week and baby measured at the expected age and size and they were able to pick up a heartbeat (we could even see it fluttering on the screen). Thought you'd enjoy baby's first pic :) Yep, that tiny little spec. . .

I've been extremely tired and nauseated - and just about every smell makes it worse - deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc., and I won't even touch on the hormones. This only usually last until about 20 weeks for me :)  Keep those prayers coming!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gearing Up. . .

Today is devoted to getting my house, school stuff in particular, organized! I've had "stacks" taking over way too many corners of my home and with the hectic pace of summer, it's starting to drive me batty! Have you heard the saying "chaos in your environment equals chaos in your life" - well, that's my theory anyway, so I've got to get a handle on the chaos, lol!

I'll probably have a better chance of accomplishing that goal, if I get off this computer :) so I just wanted to pop in and share of a couple binders I use to help me organize the "paper monster" of school. One is our "Our Home Education Resource Notebook" - in this one I keep just about anything related to homeschool - ideas I come across, assessment forms, scheduling tips, high-school helps, basically anything I need or want to keep for reference. The second notebook is exclusive to "literacy". I have one dd who has had significant struggles with learning and this notebook has helped me organize anything and everything to do with her areas of struggle. I jazz up the covers and spines with scrapbooking stuff, and add "tabs" as needed.

You can use binder to help organize your school and life in any creative way you imagine! I also use this binder method for insurance forms and bank statements and even have one just for crock pot recipes.

If you have a favorite method or tip that helps you stay organized, please share a link to pic's on your blog! I love to see pictures!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Empty Nests? Bah-humbug!

The other night we attended a Community Independence Day Freedom Celebration at our former church (one we went to for close to 15 years) and we run into quite a few couples that we've known for years but haven't seen in a while, and we hear gloating upon gloating about "empty nests". My dh and I teased that we'll not have that experience in our lifetime, lol! Here we were with all our bundles of joy ranging from almost 2 up to age 22, grandson included!

So the real funny moment came when. . .wait for it. . .wait for it. . .the next day we learned we are expecting again! I just had to smile  :)

Empty nests? Bah-humbug! That's what we have in our tree after the Robin's eggs hatch and the birdies fly away!

Please join us in prayer that this pregnancy goes well and that this baby develops healthy and strong! We've been through 2 miscarriages in the past nine months, and it's nervewracking to have that in the back of my mind, while trying so hard to be positive and know that God is in control!

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