Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right!

Who would have ever expected so much drama and bickering among leaders in the homeschool community? I sure wouldn't have, and certainly not at the level of disgrace that this situation has risen too so quickly.

As of yesterday, the Midwest Convention has uninvited Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis.

Wow, what a shame!

First let me acknowledge that my understanding and comprehension of this situation is limited to the tittle-tattle that has taken place online and been made so public.

In that regard, I am very disappointed in the way each party has approached this situation. The gossip and public discourse is unbecoming to each as an individual and to each as a "leader" in the homeschooling community - and while I am fully aware that these folks certainly have the right to share and voice whatever they choose to on their blogs, forums, FB pages, etc., I can't help but wish someone would have reminded them that along with the right to freedom of speech . . .they also "have the right to remain silent!"

In reading the statements by B. Dean and K. Ham that I've linked above, both perspectives seem divisive and intended to stir the attendees into taking sides. . .and the accusatory comments by both parties intertwined with finger-pointing scripture is disheartening on many levels.

Then there are the blog posts below by Susan Wise Bauer and Jay Wile that incriminate and accuse as well, which no doubt played a role in the current situation and uninvite. . .

A great deal of "he said", "she said" and an unfortunate situation all the way around. Nobody wins here!

Furthermore, the way the conference hosts handled themselves in this matter was uncouth and dishonorable. Mr. Ham had been an invited speaker, thus if he had made statements that created concern and needed to be addressed, it should have been done professionally and with discretion. Perhaps a few emails to Mr. Dean (conference host and organizer) expressing dismay might be in order. . .

Lastly, while I respect Susan Wise Bauer and her right to run her board as she sees fit, her seemingly one-sided pot stirring among her supporters did not strike me as necessary or appropriate, particularly considering the subsequent deletion of posts and threads when things got heated or opinions differed, i.e., support for Ham, disagreement with the Midwest decision. (Yes, some select dissensions remain, but the censorship is palpable.)
To compound this imbalance of perspectives, still up for reading one can find. . . the thread and link to Susan Bauer's posts on the issue, along with the thread and link on Jay Wile's post - neither of which are much different than Ham's. And of course, let's not omit the very lengthy thread which she herself started on the scuffle topic, which remains "closed" for further discussion while ever-so-available for your reading pleasure as it contains plenty of ill remarks regarding Mr.Ham as well as her encouragement for folks to support Midwest's decision to uninvite him.

Palpable. I don't think it'd be off the mark to state that it's just wrong to impose bias dialogue in this manner particularly after initiating the topic. I mean, c'mon, if you're going to stir the pot. . .

In closing, the matter is simply sad all the way around. No one is more wrong than another, and as they saying goes. . .two wrongs don't make a right. As leaders in the homeschool community, all parties involved should have conducted themselves with more integrity and tact before unleashing the storm of words that has ensued.

Praying for resolution.


Shonya said...

I agree wholeheartedly! What's really sad is it's EMBARRASSING to not only the homeschooling community but to the christian community. I wish they would realize how UNchristian and a poor witness they are being. :(

*~ Tina ~* said...

Hear Hear!

And what a loss for the families who were planning to hear Ken Ham speak at this conference.

Marcy :) said...

oh, but it's not a biased opinion on the part of SWB. her company, Peace Hill Press, publishes the curriculum of Peter Enns, the man Ken Ham spoke about.

this is about money. this is about whose side GHSC needed to take to protect the profits.

SWB is a bigger draw. it's that simple.

*~ Tina ~* said...

Ouch! That's too bad and I have no doubt there is some truth to it. The large commerical "more profit, more profit" turn this conference has taken in the past couple years has been both positive and negative in many ways. This is a good example of a negative. When someone is not only uninvited as a speaker, but also as a vendor for stating what he believes, you can be sure someone was doing some "behind the scenes" manipulation to get it done.

May the voice of the homeschool families affected by this fiasco speak loud and clear so that GHSC knows that we want to be able to pick and choose for ourselves who we will hear and not have that censored by other agendas and personal conflicts among the speakers!

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