Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Review: All About Spelling ~

All About Spelling by Marie Rippel

Do you know the angst of spelling woes? Whether we like it or not, the inability to spell can lead to the mistaken assumption that intelligence is in some way lacking in a individual. Spelling is one of those difficult areas that some children just can't seem to grasp. They either get stuck in the phonetic stage or they grow tired of trying and begin to compensate for their weakness by using words way below their vocabulary level or avoiding spelling and writing altogether, again lending to the unfortunate misconception noted above.

All About Spelling is the solution to those woes!

Having a child with dyslexia and knowing the uphill battle reading and spelling was for my own dd, I was ecstatic to see All About Spelling hit the curriculum market. Most spelling programs operate with the same basic approach - word family lists and/or look-say-spell methods. The packaging may look different, but the content is the same. And while this path to spelling may work for some, there are just as many who are not able to succeed with this method.

All About Spelling is different. AAS is built on the tried and true Orton-Gillingham method - offering step-by-step, multisensory, interactive lessons that teach phonemic awareness, phonogram mastery, blending, segmenting, syllable types, syllable division, irregular "rule breaker" words, dictation, spelling rules, spelling generalizations, accent, and more.

The lessons are scripted with plently of tips and support for the teacher, while the pace is flexible and allows for the individuality of the student. It is a program that serves the needs of the user efficiently.

Best of all, there's no painstaking learning curve and there's no risk. If you are not satisfied with the program, AAS offers a one-year guarantee.

So. . .if you're ready to get started with a top-notch spelling program or if you have a child that struggles with spelling. . .All About Spelling is a solid, effective and fun curriculum that will work for you!

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P.S. Don't forget the fabulous Phonogram CD-ROM! This is as great tool for ongoing review of the phonograms and a great resource for any teacher who may be unsure of the precise sounds for each phonogram.


Anonymous said...

Thaks for your reviews of both BARTON READING AND SPELLING, and ALL ABOUT SPELLING.

Would a parent choose just one of these programs to help with reading or spelling or would they need to use both?


*~ Tina ~* said...

Yes, you would just choose one based on the student's needs. Barton is a very intense 2-3 year Orton-Gillingham based program for children with moderate to severe dyslexia. AAS is a spelling focused program that is based on the same Orton-Gillingham approach, but it is much less intense and is designed to be used by both the typical learner and the struggling speller. AAS provides a great foundational base for any student. If more students started with this approach, I think it'd help head off spelling difficulties down the road!

But again, the program you choose completely depends on the severity of the student's struggles and the specific areas of need.

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