Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Veritas Press History and Bible Cards - Status Update!

I know some of you have probably tried to order the fabulous mini-binders from and found that they were out of stock, so I had emailed Ken at Keep Filing to let him know about the creative use that us homeschoolers have found for the binders, which likely caused the unexpected depletion of inventory, and he has taken a most admirable step to have these flow in by air to meet the demand and desires of those waiting on them!

So. . .if you are one of those folks, please read the email update below and respond to Ken with your interests. (and of course, please pass this on to any Classical Conversations groups or others who may need this information as well!)

Want to know what creative use I'm referring to? Visit this post. . .



You are receiving this e-mail as you had requested to be informed when the Keepfiling Mini Ring binder for 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 paper would be back in stock.

We have in the past months received a huge interest in the Keepfiling mini binder and matching sheet protectors. This has resulted in a run on our inventory for an item that in the past was just moving slowly.

Now due to delays with the production and the fact that this item comes from overseas we are taking the very unusually step to have some binders and sheet protectors flow in by air service. To be quite honest it cost an arm and a leg and half the farm -so to speak.

We are taking this unusually step as we wish to be a responsible small company that takes action. We also feel that we can’t have all you kind people waiting for our product too much longer.

Our Mini binders and sheet protectors are estimated to be finished on September 9 and we hope to have them in our hands, estimated: Sept. 13 to 15th.

As it is so extremely expensive to ship the mini binders (takes lots of space) I kindly ask you to return this mail and just indicate how many binders you may need and in what color. We won’t hold you to it an estimated number is perfect. It is just so we have an indication of the initial need so we can fill the present orders + some, as more binders will follow by ocean weeks later. We have 3 colors as you may know:

Snow white
Lime green

It is realized it is an unusually step this e-mail but again we wish to service our community in the best possible way and work with you in the best possible way. As a small company we feel we have this opportunity.

Kind regards,
Ken – keepfiling. com 

PS: Even if you do not wish to place order for this item at present a “zero” as responds is highly appreciated as well.

PSS: More information will follow also on-line where we will open up for pre-ordering in the coming days.

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