Monday, June 26, 2006

Mirror, Mirror, Go Away!

Here's a poem I wrote for a women's conference I coordinated a few years back and I share it in hopes that it will bring someone encouragement to persevere and press on when the day to day tasks of life (or the reflection in the mirror) get you down!


Mirror, mirror, move aside
I'm more than what you see
Your stark reflection cannot reveal
The true woman inside of me

My heart is full, I have much to give
And I'm starting new this day
I'll show this world that I'm unique
And made special in God's way

He brought me here, he has a plan
He wants me to succeed
He gave the life of his only son
And met my greatest need

So mirror, mirror, move aside
You cannot hold me down
This world is only temporary
And I am heavenbound!

NOW. . .just for fun - this is version 2 that developed in the works


Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Why do you exist at all?
To look at you, makes me depressed
You surely don't reflect my best!

My face looks tired, I'm uninspired
But what's a girl to do?
With PMS, hormones and pantyhose
It's no wonder I'm so blue

So mirror, mirror, go away
I do not like what you display
There must be something you don't see
We can't all be a wee size 3!!

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